I am combining traditional values and work ethic with cutting-edge technology and innovation. My job is to make you look good. Whether I am designing your website, or developing your companies marketing campaign, the focus is your projects objective:

  • producing great creative work 
  • working in the clients’ best interests
  • creating an effective message - clear and simple.

Liedtke Studio


About me - Gabriele Liedtke

I am a highly creative art director with 16+ years marketing and advertising agency experience. I have enhanced the effectiveness of my client's marketing communications, penetrate new markets for them and opened up profitable opportunities by implementing new marketing techniques and creating collateral that works. Having been employed by fortune 500 companies in the past, I now enjoy working with businesses big and small as full-time freelancer.

I also enjoy creating illustrations for children's books, and have been commissioned for portrait and corporate paintings, as well as technical/medical & architectural renderings. With my detailed, colorful and realistic illustration style I have created many children books and other artworks that are highly successful and I am very proud of.